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中川 諒

​恥研究家 / コピーライター


Ryo Nakagawa


Ryo spent his childhood in Egypt, Germany, and Japan. Before joining an advertising agency in 2011, he worked for Red Bull Japan and Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo. At Dentsu, he further developed his career through various areas of the business, such as planning digital and activation design, and pursuing the role of an account executive, before finally landing in creative. After a short tenure at Google's Sydney office and Singapore office as Creative Director, Ryo is back in Tokyo where he now works for clients including Uniqlo, Honda, and Coca-Cola. His multi-ranged background has enabled him to create successful campaigns that cross all borders of film, digital, event, and PR. His first international accolades were at Young Cannes Lions and Young Spikes, and now they are added by those at ADC Global, One Show, Adfest, Spikes, and Ad Stars. 

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